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        The purpose of  code is to provide minimum  requirements to safeguard the public  health and general welfare through affordability, structural strength, means of egress out of  facilities, sanitation, light , ventilation , energy conservation , protect property from fire and other hazards attributed to  building.   Inspectors safe lives..

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Every inspector we employ is licensed and certified, with years of experience.

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When you have commercial or residential  inspection needs and you want it within  24hours , look no further than, Imperative Observation Inspections.  We can provide you with inspections for all phases of new construction or remodeling. Whether commercial or residential.  Our   experience of 39 years in the construction fields and 19 years (39,000 inspections completed) in the inspection industry ensures a professional  detailed and reliable report.  If you don't know where to start, then start with I.O. Inspections.

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